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In one of my last blogs I wrote about free books published by IBM. I got lots of positive feedback. People like free stuff especially when it is good. So, today I give you another pointer to another great free book. Graeme Birchall is the author of the DB2 SQL Cookbook which you can download from his website. His book is easy to read and he keeps it very up-to-date. In fact he recently published another update and has now some new 9.7 features in there. Graeme’s focus is DB2 LUW which does not mean his book will be useless for DB2 for z/OS people, just be careful. Compared to DB2 LUW some features are different or missing in z/OS (and the other way around). His book is stacked with many examples and you can download the DDL and SQL examples from the website so you can experiment with it. “Don’t try this at home” is something that doesn’t apply to DB2 Express-C and Graeme’s book. So go download (here) and install DB2 Express-C and become a SQL Guru! While you are on Graeme’s site also check out his stunning view from this living room over the Hudson River and the binding instructions for the book. Of course you can ship the pdf to the copy shop but this is much more fun. Thanks Graeme for all your support to the DB2 community!

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