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Klaas Brant is the founder of KBCE, a company that specializes in DB2. He has been working with DB2 since 1984 and has published many DB2 articles. He has been the organizer of the DB2 Symposium for more than 10 years. Klaas is the chairman of the Dutch DB2 User Group (DDUG). Klaas is a member of IBM's DB2 Gold Consultants Team and can be reached at:

Comparing DB2 10.5 Express-C with its competitors

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DB2 Express-C is the free edition of the DB2 for Linux/Unix/Windows database. Unlike Microsoft and Oracle express offerings, DB2 Express-C does have a huge limit on the size of database! The latest edition (10.5) relaxes its memory restriction by 400%! It will now use up to 16GB of memory. Furthermore DB2 Express-C can be used in production and it can be redistributed with your applications.

Incremental copies, a false sense of security!

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In the DB2 for z/OS Utility manual, you can read that an incremental image copy is a copy of the pages that have changed since the last full or incremental image copy. Incremental copies are faster and produce smaller image copy files.

Image Copies play an important role in any DB2 recovery process. A normal DB2 recovery has three major parts:

DB2 11 for z/OS is coming… Here are the features!

Written by Klaas Brant on . Posted in DB2 z/OS, Featured

UPDATE: IBM intends to make DB2 11 for z/OS ( DB2 11) generally available on October 25, 2013. You can find the announcement letter here. Julian Stuhler and Klaas Brant discuss the new features in Triton’s Confessions of a DB2 Geek podcast. You can find here: part1 and part2. If you want more details about the DB2 11 we recommend IBM’s Information On Demand (IOD) conference

On Wednesday October 3, 2012  IBM announced “IBM DB2 11 for z/OS Early Support Program”. IBM intends to make DB2 11 for z/OS (DB2 11) available to a select group of clients in a closed Early Support Program (ESP) on March 8, 2013.

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