About DB2 Symposium

DB2 symposium fills the gap between classic conferences and workshops. In classic conferences many topics are covered, but each speaker has only a limited time for each topic. Interaction between speakers and attendees is normally restricted. In a workshop it is the other way around. Two, three or more days are devoted to one topic only. That topic is discussed in detail and the emphasis is normally on interaction. In DB2 symposium we try to combine the best of both worlds. We merge the variety of topics of conferences with the in-depth approach and the interactivity of workshops. On each day in full-day sessions three topics are discussed in detail by experts. The focus of each session is on How. But there are different forms of How. Imagine for example, that a customer wants to know how to partition a table. We could refer him or her to a manual that describes to SQL statement to partition that table. That is one form of How. But he is probably more interested in what the criteria are for determining whether partitioning should be applied, in how many partitions the table the table should be broken, and the partitioning schema that should be used. This the How we are interested in for DB2 Symposium. Guidelines, do’s and don’ts, tips, and criteria, those are the practical aspects on which the sessions of DB2 Symposium are aimed. The result is that attendees can go back to their own environments with lists of things to do. In short, a DB2 Symposium stands for practicality, in-depth, and professional speakers! Through the years, the DB2 Symposium events have been attended by thousands of attendees. The evaluations show that they the attendees enjoy this formula. In short, the DB2 Symposium events have become famous for their usefulness, usability and applicability. Here are some quotes:
  • I found the session extremely informative.
  • Timing of this class was perfect for me.
  • Great session, worth the cost of the trip by itself.
  • Awesome content. I learned tons of things.
  • Excellent class, practical and easy to understand.
  • Awesome educational experience.
  • This DB2 Symposium gave me an excellent balance across topics.
  • Lot’s of great info, can’t wait to take it back to my team.